It used to be easy for opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) to demonise ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) as so disliking South-Easterners and Mendes that APC never gives appointments or jobs to South-Easterners. It was a potent political weapon for SLPP. During 2012 elections it was the main campaign tool for defeated SLPP presidential candidate. However, that weapon of SLPP no longer works because of unifying leadership skills of Ernest Bai Koroma.

The Head of State has been awesome in dispelling allegations his APC-led government is tribalistic. As Commander-In-Chief, he appointed two indigenous South-Easterners at helm of his Armed Forces as Chief of Defense Staff and Deputy Chief of Defense Staff. This and many other confidence-building acts ensure the legacy of Koroma as a unifier is sealed.

Accompanying this update are photographs. First one is of the Honourable Vice-President Victor Bockarie Foh, a Mende from South East, speaking yesterday as Water Minister Momodu Maligi also from Bonthe (South-East) and SALWACO Board Chairman Robin Faley, a Mende from Kailahun (South-East) listen at High Table to VP Foh’s speech on officially handing over vehicles for Rural Area Water Supply project. As can be seen from High Table, APC government leadership especially in Water sector, cannot be faulted as being of a government against Mendes & South-Easterners.

This APC is currently with a national unity face. Therefore, SLPP has lost their cherished weapon but are now prowling for new weapons to use against APC – including unsavoury tactics against VP Foh. SLPP desperately wants VP Foh removed from Vice-President’s Office because VP Foh’s continued presence as Sierra Leone’s Number Two gentleman is inimical to effectiveness of SLPP’s tribal/regional propaganda weapon against APC. However, latest tactics against VP Foh have not worked and the government stands unruffled by the ploys to demonise the VP.

Another second photo also shows Deputy Water Minister Randolph Bayoh (who hails from Bo, South-East) as he joined Water Minister Maligi to welcome VP Foh on his arrival at the event yesterday.

Water Minister Maligie and Deputy Water Minister Bayoh welcoming VP Foh on arrival

The recent appointment of a new Minister of State in Vice-President’s Office, Mr. Mohamed Alie Bah, a Fula gentleman from Kailahun in the South-East is also notable. Minister Alie Bah has been sworn into office yesterday 25th June 2015 at State House by His Excellency.

In our opinion, Sierra Leone is currently enjoying one of the most regionally & tribally balanced governments in its History.

Meanwhile, please click link below to watch the photos and to also read speech of Vice-President Victor Foh yesterday.