Editor’s Note: It is no longer news that President Koroma may be planning to to run a third term Presidential office seat. However, how He he intends to achieve his aims is unknown to limelight.

Sierraloaded’s contributor, Tamba Gborie has uncovered a shocking report of how President Koroma tends to achieve his Third Term Bid Secret.

According to Tamba, President Koroma has vowed that whether by hook or crook he will serve a third term before he relinquishes power.

In a telephone conversation with one of his special aides the president confirmed that he will serve a third term so he can complete the task he was elected to do. He also told his aide that there is nothing in Sierra Leone that will stop his third term presidential bid.

The president asked the aide to inform the other presidential aides and APC party members to reframe from speaking of the president’s third term agenda; adding that party members should not engage in any confrontational discussion with anyone about the president’s third term. He furthered he will make a formal announcement after the APC National Executive Conference endorse him as the party’s flag bearer for 2018.


In further investigations into the reasons why president Koroma is determined to go for a third term, Tamba Gborie said He discovered three reasons.

First he has ordered a two, forty feet container of cache of arms and ammunition; after weeks on sea the shipment has reached the shores of Freetown five days ago. The intention is to use these arms and ammunition to subject the masses to threat and fear in case they resist his third term presidential bid.

The second reason is the president rely heavily on the Supreme Court Judges he bribed in the constitutional matter to rule in his favour.

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The Judges support the president’s third term bid to continue in office as Head of State. President Koroma’s long stay in office would provide continuous protection for the Judges.

The Judges are in fear of their lives that without president Koroma in office their security is not guaranteed for the misrule in the constitutional matter. On that note the Judges and the president are relying on each other for assistance.

In the case of the president he is relying on the Judges one more time for help if his third term bid is taken to Supreme Court by the people of Sierra Leone or the opposition parties. He is sure of a win.

Last but not the least is the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) been bribed by the president to extend the life span of the presidency to seven years which they have agreed to do.

At the end of the president’s second term it will be legal for him to contest another election as a flag bearer for APC under the new Constitution. Already the president has completed the toughest huddle which is to convince CRC to extend the presidency to seven year term. This will serve as a springboard for the president and his men to base their argument on for his third term agenda.

Consequently, the unanimous decision from the people against president Koroma’s third term will end up in the Supreme Court, which the paid and misguided writers for the president would be ask to encourage the public to wait for the decisions of the court.

Once again the courts will ask the public not to discuss the matter like they did in the constitutional case to calm tensions and rule in favour of the president; that he is legible to go for a third term because of the changes to certain clauses of the constitution and the extension of the life span of the presidency.

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Sierra Leoneans and opposition party members think president Koroma’s third term agenda is over, should now think of other measures to stop the president’s third term agenda.

According to the president, nothing is going to stop him to go for a third term. Indeed the president is correct because he has infected the system with bribery and corruption, therefore nothing will stop president Koroma going for a third term.

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