The Chairman and leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has told Awoko that his campaign message against the ruling party in the upcoming bye election is that “the agenda for prosperity is agenda for poverty”.


He said for nine years the ruling party has been ‘fooling people’, putting the economy in bad stand, with no job and food for the day. “My message is clear. If you have a better life, you have a job for your family go ahead, vote for what you know, but if you are poor, you can’t feed your children, you can’t afford good medical facility and poor schooling facility for your children, come and join me”.

The agenda for prosperity, he went on “is a provocative term”.  He said the road and light are part of development but they are long term. “Development starts with you, how you will acquire a job, business opportunities as well as your ability to feed your family”. He added that an individual will not enjoy the road and electricity if he was sick or dead.

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He also said that the economy is a principal issue. According to him, the loan the government takes from other countries has caused lapses on the country’s economy.  That is why the economy is the most principal. “We have credited so much that the international community has rated us as high risk lenders. This is why the dollar is increasing”.

Asked about why he thinks he stands a better chance of winning in Port Loko, he said “I am very honest and direct with the people. I believe my message to the people is very clear, a message of the truth I believe in the people of this country, I believe in the sincerity of these people” he furthered that in the villages you see the reality of the people so, “if you think you are satisfied with your life, join them”.

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The aspirant being confident also said he has a clear chance of winning. He stated that though he has five days to campaign he said “I have confidence because I believe the Sierra Leoneans in that constituency will realize that I am very honest, I am here to tell them the truth, and when I am honorable I will advocate for them in parliament”.

Questioned about what he has to show to the people he said “my track record. The people are already identifying me based on my past advocacy work. This shows I am the main opposition party”.