National Elections Watch (NEW) has confirmed that there will be a run off as no party secured the 55% plus one vote threshold needed to win the elections in the first round.

The Electoral Chairman, Mohamed Conteh earlier told media in Freetown today that, “Because we value accuracy above speed, there may be times when the tally takes longer. We will not announce results until every last one is counted. Please be patient and peaceful,”

The NEC Chair further explained that the Commission was ready for a presidential run-off poll in case the first round balloting that featured 16 candidates fails to produce a winner with the mandatory 55% of the votes. The Constitution prescribes that the run-off should hold two weeks after the declaration of results of the first round balloting.

However, with about 90% of results already collated, no party has been able to win 50% of the registered voters. If there is a run off, the two candidates will the majority votes will face the run-off election. As it stands, this would see the APC and SLPP candidates face off each other.

More details later…