Man hangs himself to death in lungi

Another mysterious death has occurred in Kaffu Bullom, one of the 11 chiefdoms in the Port Loko district, less than a year after the horrifying incident in which a lady was said to have slaughtered her partner in a Guest House.


The lady in question is undergoing trial in the capital of Freetown. Unlike that incident where there are supposed to be clear evidence  to show that the  man was apparently killed by his girl friend or so, the latest incident is said to be a suicide. It took place in a ditch at ‘the Lovers Corner’, off the Lungi – Port Loko Highway.


The incident is believed to have occurred on the night of Friday 27th June 2015 and it involved a young man either in his late teens or early twenties. He is said to have hanged himself and his remains were indeed found hooked on a tree in a nearby bush. He was dressed in a’ knee long trousers’ with white piping and white shirt underneath a kaki-like wind breaker. He had a blue pair of slippers, one of which was placed a few inches from his left foot. His mouth and nose were firmly tied with a piece of cloth that appeared to bear the colours of the National Flag. There was nylon like rope tied to his throat and fixed on the branch of a tree to which he slanted. There was also a black plastic bag less than three metre from him.

The body was discovered by Sahr James, a serving member of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces attached to the ‘D’ Company of the Perimeter of the Sierra Leone Airport. Sahr James was deployed at the Observation Post 7 of the Airport Perimeter Fence where he assumed duty the previous night. He said in an interview with the Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA) that, he was going to ease himself in the bush when he saw the motionless body. “I rushed back to the Post and informed my Commander who in turn made a report to our Superiors,” he said.


Major Mariatu Kamara is the Commanding Officer at the Delta Company attached to the Sierra Leone Airport Authority.


She was on her way to the office when a report was cabled to her about the discovery. She drove straight to the scene from where the man hung. She immediately informed her boss, the Sierra Leone Police and other Key stakeholders. The news was vastly spread within the township of Lungi and a lot and lots of onlookers dashed there to have a glimpse of the body.


The place was so overcrowded that the Major opted to address them on the need to avoid direct contact with others. She said they should be mindful of the fact that Kaffu Bullom was still recording new cases of Ebola and it should be the collective responsibility of all and sundry to stop the transmission by avoiding direct contacts. Major Mariatu Kamara informed the gatherings that all the relevant stakeholders have been duly informed and were waiting for the Burial Team before the body could be removed from the tree. She assured that it would be displayed for proper identification.


Although the Major said she suspected no foul play in the circumstance that surrounded the death of this young man, the Crime Officer at the Lungi Police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Kodjo seems to have a different position on the issue. As was the case of most onlookers, there were a number of doubts that deserve some clarifications. For instance, why did than man chose to tie his mouth and nose, why was there any indication of a struggle before giving out his last breath, and why were the personnel at the Observation Post 7 unable to notice anything before and during the incident?


There is also the additional doubt between the general understanding of hanging which often has to do with a gap between the object and the ground. To a large extend, the distance from the branch where the man is said to have hanged himself was too short for the incident to be called such.


Perhaps a more worrying aspect is the speed at which the man was buried. He was briefly put on the road before taken to the graveyard. But one would have thought that there was going to be an ample time for people to come and see if he could be identified. More people ought to have come to be able to identify the body .Again, why and how would he have smuggled himself into that bush in the midst of all the newly erected Ebola Screening Check Points without notice?
Truly, there is no appropriate answer as at now.


One of the speculations on the ground is that he could have been an Ebola patient and might has passed away in a house before he was eventually dragged into that ditch to avoid the penalties of the Bye Laws or avert the likelihood of being quarantined. Whatever your take is, the man has been buried with no one able to identify him.


Meanwhile I have been reliably informed that a lady that formed part of the groups of onlookers was whisked to the Lungi Police Station for allegedly pointing fingers at the security.
Credit SLENA