Since their poor showing over the weekend in their lover level elections, members of the Paopa faction who have been known to be vociferous and quick with press releases, have been unusually silent and practically gone underground.

Maada Bio Beaten

But even with their disappearance especially in social media, the Maada Bio faction has been persistently taunted by their opponents over what many describe as the shocking and humiliating throbbing by the KKY led alliance. It is very obvious that the Paopas have indeed been rattled; this defeat hit them so hard that the once boisterous, sometimes confrontational and always uncompromising faction has now mellowed.

One of the key media propagandists – Keketoma Sandy- resurfaced today with ‘tale between the legs’- he came across as subtle and reconciliatory stating that there are four more levels to go – Chiefdom, Constituency, District and Regional levels.

While this is a case of a losing man giving himself some courage in the absence of public sympathy; what surprised many is his conciliatory position: “we had a very successful Zonal/sectional round across the country fully observed by PPRC and thankfully they were largely peaceful. As a party, members and supporters we are looking forward to the remaining process to be very peaceful. It is a family affair. In the end we will all be united against an APC…”.

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One commentator responded in jibes stating that the Paopas are now looking for unity; “KKY don geda de paopas”. Another said: Hmm! Wonders shall never end! Na paopa Keketoma dae sound conciliatory so. Na dis den call taming ur political opponent”.

Certainly, the tables have turned in the SLPP! Only recently the Brigadier leading the Paopa ‘geng’ was on Radio Democracy boasting that he would beat Benjamin any time, any day including in his (Benjamin) home town of Segbwema. But from the reports, it looks like “da bongo dae nor hold water at all”!

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Not to talk about the bravado that he would defeat all aspirants in the alliance put together…shioor! wit dis kind humiliating defeat

But some KKY sources say, the humiliation of humiliations awaiting the Brigadier and his ‘Paopa geng’ is the determination by the KKY led Alliance to put down the Brigadier’s photo at the SLPP party headquarter.

The Brigadier will surrender peacefully

Sources in the KKY led Alliance say, they would soon put down the image of the potential Dr/ Brigadier at the Party HQ in F/T and replace it with the UN diplomat/ actual Dr. Kandeh Koleh Yumkella. This time, there are indications that the Brigadier is mellowing and ready to surrender peacefully.