Police in Makeni has arrested Josephine Mansaray, a 16-year-old secondary school student after she was allegedly caught having sex with an okada Man inside a bush in Makeni.

Caught In Makeni Bush

Sierraloaded reports that the suspects, who were apprehended inside a bush in Eastern Makeni were members of a nearby community.

During interrogation, Josephine said She was deceived by the Okada man who promised to buy her a mobile phone if She would give in and have sex with him.

“I didn’t know it would end up like this. He told that if i allow him to have sex with me, he would buy me a Camera phone that uses WhatsApp so that i can chat with my friends. I agreed, but i didn’t know he will bring me to the bush. i thought he was taking me to his house when he came to pick me with his Okada at the bust stop.”

Brother to Josephine who reportedly caught the culprits and reported to the police said He noticed something unusual in the way her sister dressed and decided to find out what She was up to.

“I followed her as She went out. Then i saw an Okada Man pick her up. I was surprised as to where Josephine and the Okada Man was going to, so I decided to follow her. I took another Okada to follow them. When i realized they were heading to the bush. i told the Okada man to stop and i started walking to know where they are heading. i followed the footprints of the Okada’s tyre and it took me about 30minutes before i found them somewhere in the bush having sex.”

“I was shocked and immediately took my phone to take a picture of them. I immediately ran back to seek help when i met some set of adult passing by. With their help, we caught my sister and the Okada man still in the act. They were then taken to the police station”

Police Superintendent of the Makeni division has refused to speak to Sierraloaded on the development of the case.