By Mamadu Sallieu Barrie

Since the news break about the intention and aspiration of popular political figure Foday Sesay running for the mayoral seat for Kenema city, He has been active in reaching the masses and stakeholders around town.

His intention to run for mayor of Kenema city is purely base on transformation, as Kenema City is the worse district in the country when it comes to development. As the president for Sierra Leone Kenema District Association in the United States of America, he has been chosen to come on board and find ways to help in transforming Kenema.

Since his arrival from the state, he has been known by all most everyone Kenema. What he did for Kenema people on Independence Day celebration was memorable as he is the one that is responsible for the paddle dance in kenema, and this year independence celebration was the best ever in Kenema because of the areas covered and the large turn up under the Foday Sesay. Foday Sesay was thanked by Kenema people for manifesting such.

Foday Sesay

He did it out of his own to continue showing love and cares to Kenema.

Presently the city is deplorable under the leadership of JS Keifala, as he lack the skills and strategy to develop Kenema.

Foday Sesay has been a leader for the past years, Foday Sesay is with the experience, the skills and the qualities to transform Kenema.
With him been the Head of Kenema District Association in the United States, he has done a lot for Kenema, he is the main mayoral aspirant base on his records and attitudes towards the people.

Foday Sesay is now known everywhere around town. He is such a charismatic leader that believes in the ideologies of everyone, he is a common man that has no difference among people.

Many organizations has visited and pledge their loyalty to him.
Foday Sesay is above everyone contesting base on experience, records, characters, and leadership qualities.

Kenema people should be wise enough now to think and act wisely in electing Foday Sesay as their next Mayor. The past mistakes in giving symbol to the wrong person base on individual interest should not be repeated.
Kenema is sick in development, just because of bad leadership.
I call on Kenema people to give support to Foday Sesay as he is a man of Honor, integrity and vision.