Paramount Chiefs, Traditional authorities and Headmen in forty Villages in constituency 30, Bombali District have accused the APC of incessant threat to take away their chieftency titles and staff(s) if they continue embracing the ADP let alone the ADP wins the Parliamentary by-election on Saturday 12th December 2015.


The disclosure was made yesterday during a well organise meeting PPRC held with stakeholders in Makump Bana on ethics of by-elections in which the Chairman and Leader of the ADP (Alliance Democratic Party), Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray was also present.

Speaking at the meeting, the ADP leader encouraged the people not to accept any form of intimidation from APC authorities.

The Constituents have continually grumbled that the Residents Minister north had strongly warned the chiefs and the elders in all the Villages to stop talking and welcoming the ADP entourage otherwise they will be dismissed.

The people said the APC leaders have little or no concern for their needs but could only come to them during electioneering process and make fabulous and empty promises in the constituency. They added that the minister and his government are now gittery of the support they ADP had garned in the constituency.

They said the government could not produce the trumpeted policy to their expectation since they voted for President Koroma in 2007.
They said they were shocked when they received the threatening remarks from the Resident minister and other APC authorities.

They said they only hear still born promises at the time of campaigning.

“We are not going to vote for them again no matter what they say or do” the people chanted in their local Temne dialect.

They people also accused NEC officials of issuing voters ID to people whom they claimed did not collect theirs prior to the 2012 elections.

The PPRC Regional officer, Mr. Salieu Kamara admonished the stakeholders to embrace each and every political party, adding that the commission code of conduct does not allows chiefs to take sides in politics.

He noted that each and every political party coming to the constituency should be welcomed and given a level playing field as stipulated in the Commission’s act.

“No discrimination of a Political party” he warned.

The constituents said it is time to “Walk the Talk and avoid to Talk the Walk”

The Chairman and Leader of the Umbrella party (ADP), assured them of taken legal action against anyone who attempt taking their titles away.

He told the people not to be scared of anyone not even the President, noting that they are all citizens equal before God and man.

He reminded the voters that the ADP will rap up its political rally tomorrow (Monday 7th December 2015) and admonished all eligible voters to remain peaceful during and after pooling day.

The constituents assured the ADP entourage of their support during and after the by-election and swear to vote for APD. They were optimistic that the umbrella party will solve their problems.

As part of his commitment to women, the Chairman and Leader extended his philanthropist gesture to the People of Rokata where he boosted women with food items such as; fish, cooking oil, salt, maggie, onions etc to each and every woman to cook for their husbands.

The women thanked the ADP Scribe and said they were not surprise when he donated the items because he always does it.
“And in reality we are in dire need of it” they said.

Mr. Mansaray highlighted his plans for the women and assured them of boosting trade initiatives focused on food security and mass education for their children.

The ADP foreman noted that nothing will stopped him from continuing to support the women in that constituency.

“Here is Sierra Leone, corruption drains billions of dollars from our economy. That money that could be used to create job and to build hospitals, schools and to support women. Someone pays bribe to start a business among host of other things undermine the dignity of the people you represent. And I am here to change that situation completely” He maintained.

In a related development on the issue of his party position to the CRC, the ADP leader said he doesn’t care about the existence of the commission because the composition of the committee is unsatisfactory to him. But recommded a review of section 77(k) of the 1991 constitution which compel MPs not to go against their party even in passing bad laws.